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London Magazine, The

London Magazine

a periodical founded in 1954 by John Lehmann as a monthly journal of poetry, prose fiction, and criticism. During its early years contributors included Graham Greene, V. S. Pritchett, Edwin Muir, Robert Graves, William Plomer, and Louis MacNeice. Lehmann also regularly published work by European writers. From the mid-1950s onward poets associated with the Movement were much in evidence. In 1961 the editorship passed to Alan Ross, under whom the London Magazine has been noted for the breadth of its coverage of the arts in general. London Magazine Editions was established as the magazine's book imprint in 1965. Ross's catholic editorial policy has resulted in the appearance of writing by young or comparatively unknown authors alongside work from well-known contributors. Douglas Dunn, Jonathan Raban, Hugo Williams, who was for a time Ross's assistant editor, Peter Redgrove, and Selima Hill are among those whose work has been featured from the earliest stages of their careers.

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