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Boy Scouts

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Boy Scouts, international boys' organization founded in 1908 by Sir Robert Baden- Powell to develop character, initiative, and good citizenship. The organization is nonsectarian, nonpolitical, and nonmilitary. The Boy Scouts are organized in about 100 countries, and worldwide membership is approximately 8 million. Scouting emphasizes outdoor knowledge and skills, including nature lore and woodcraft. The Boy Scout program includes Cubs (8–10 years old), Scouts (11–13), and Explorers (14 years and older). Other senior scout groups are the Sea Scouts and Air Scouts. To achieve higher ranks, Scouts must pass tests for merit badges in various fields. In the United States, where the movement was incorporated in 1910, the scouting program is administered by a National Council, with headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ. The standard troop, led by a volunteer adult scoutmaster, has 32 members and is divided into 4 patrols of 8 Scouts. Boy Scouts have been active in safety campaigns, and conservation programs, and other community service.

See also: Baden-Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth, Lord.

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