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JRank is a new type of site search engine. It's fast, easy, accurate, and requires no installation on your web host. To date, JRank has indexed over 40 million pages! We built it on popular, open-source tools to leverage the best of existing search technology. Try searching some User Articles with JRank.


JRank has always been a free search for your website and we intend to keep it that way. Site search is our specialty, JRank was designed by webmasters for webmasters.


There are many large search engines that provide site search. However, they're either too overwhelming, clumsy, or difficult to control for the individual web developer. In fact, some of these solutions can cost thousands of dollars. JRank offers simple and quick control for free.


JRank is extremely simple to setup and integrate into your site. Site search results are super-fast and always accurate. We even offer an advanced REST API for the power user (documentation).

Over 40,000,000 pages and growing

Find out why thousands of people are talking about JRank Site Search Engine

Our Search Examples

Check out some of these giant encyclopedias that leverage JRank's site search.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica online, in several different languages.
Psychology Reference
Reference for psychological conditions and concepts.
Marriage and Family Reference
Issues and topics regarding marriage, the family, and the home.
Animal Life Reference
Encyclopedia of aminals and their habitats, behaviours, and diets.
Science Encyclopedia
Scientific reference library covering general science topics.
Aging and Genetics Reference
Medical library covering topics such as aging healthy and genetics.
Social Issues Reference
Social issues from Child Development to Social Trends in America.
Famous Sports Stars
Famous Sports Figures and Sports Stars Biographies and Stories.
Biographies of Notable People
Biographies of novelists, authors, famous African Americans, and Hispanics.
Company Profiles
Business information, company history, and profiles.
The Arts: Fine Art, Contemporary Art & Music
Encyclopedia of the Arts, including Biographies and profiles.
History Reference: Ancient History & World History
Every important historical event in the ancient world and the middle ages.
American Literature, English Literature, Classics & Modern Fiction
Biographies and Catalog of famous Classical, Modern, and Fiction Writers.
Business Management
Encyclopedia of business topics, including managing diversity, equal opportunity, and Six-Sigma.
Contributed Articles
Articles from professional writers on a wide variety of topics.

JRank in the Wild

Sites that use site search through JRank.


Universities in United States

Profiles of Universities and Colleges

“ We needed a way to let our users search thousands of pages quickly and easily. Setting up a new site search was too cumbersome and tedious, so we chose site search to get the job done.


Countries and Their Cultures

Describes various cultures in America and other countries

“ After analyzing many site search engine solutions, JRank stood out like a star ahead of the pack. It's so easy for our users to find information now! ”

More examples of JRank in use

Image Recognition API
CloudSight provides state of the art image recognition that actually works 100% of the time through a simple to use web API.