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What Is Africa Like?

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Africa portrait

In this unit, you will discover Africa. You'll meet the people who live on the continent and explore the geography and culture. As you read the chapters, write the heading for each section. Then write two details from each section that support the heading.

Get ready for many fascinating adventures. Would you like to hike up a snowcapped mountain near the equator? Perhaps you'll want to travel by jeep on a safari (suh-fah-ree)—a trip to Africa to see wild animals. From the jeep, you might see lions, elephants, zebras, and giraffes. What about a bumpy camel ride across the largest sand desert in the world? Or maybe you'll sail down the Nile River to see ancient pyramids.

Where can you experience all these adventures? Visit the continent of Africa. There you will find many people that have different foods, customs, and traditions. It is a continent of over 700 languages.

From desert nomads traveling in the north to gold miners working in the south—welcome to the continent of Africa.

Africa portrait Victoria Falls, on border between Zambia and Zimbabwe
Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya
A busy street in Ghana

Africa landscape Political Map of Africa

Africa portrait

Africa portrait

Africa is a continent made up of over 50 countries. There are many groups of people, each having their own cultures and traditions.

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