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What Is Asia Like?

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Asia portrait

In this unit, you will explore Asia. You'll visit people and places that make up the largest continent on the earth. As you read each chapter, the heading for each section asks a question. Think about the question. Then write two supporting details from each section that answer the question.

Get ready for another travel adventure. You are off to visit Asia. In China, you can stand on the Great Wall. You might visit the vast Gobi Desert. If you like to explore cities, take a bike ride through the crowded streets of Bangkok or Beijing.

Do you like mountain climbing? Catch your breath as you climb the world's tallest mountain in Nepal. Are you hungry for a quick snack? Stop at a food seller by the side of the road. Enjoy the smell of cooked meat and spices.

Japanese students may invite you to see a Noh play. But don't be surprised when all the characters appear in wooden masks.

In Southeast Asia, you might see workers give their Asian elephants a bath. They want to cool off after a hard day of logging in the forests.

Would you like to see the most beautiful palace in the world? Find the Taj Mahal in India. A raj, or prince, built this white marble palace. He wanted to show his love for his wife who had died.

Asia is full of unusual sights and sounds. Your journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. So, let's explore Asia.

Asia portrait Taj Mahal, India
Li River near Yangshuo in Guangxi province, China
Asian elephant cooling off
The Great Wall of China

Asia landscape Political Map of Asia

Asia portrait

Asia portrait

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It is made up of many different people and cultures.

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