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Daniel Joseph Boorstin

congress prize librarian library

Boorstin, Daniel Joseph (1914– ), U.S. historian, 12th Librarian of Congress (1975–87). He was, by virtue of an Act of Congress (July 1987), designated Librarian of Congress Emeritus. Dr. Boorstin's tenure was characterized by greater public visibility for the library. He is responsible for the establishment of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress (1977) and the Council of Scholars (1980). A significant highlight of his era was the passage of the revision of the Copyright Law (1976), of which he was a strong supporter. Boorstin is known for his insightful interpretations of U.S. history. He is the author of The Genius of American Politics (1958); the widely acclaimed trilogy The Americans (1958, 1965,1973), for which he received the Bancroft Prize and the Francis Parkman Prize; and The Discovers (1983).

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