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George, 6 kings of Great Britain and Ireland. George I (1660–1727; r. 1714–27), great-grandson of James I. Of German origin, he was the first king of the House of Hanover (1698). Unable to speak English, he was unpopular and isolated. George II (1683–1760; r. 1727–60), son of George I, was preoccupied with military adventures and relied heavily on the advice of Queen Caroline and his ministers. George III (1738–1820; r. 1760–1820) was the grandson and successor of George II. His reign saw the American revolution, the expansion of the British Empire in Asia, and the beginning of the industrial revolution. George IV (1762–1830; r. 1820–30), son of George III, was despised for his personal extravagances. George V (1865–1936; r. 1910–36), son of Edward VII, changed the name of the royal house to Windsor during World War I. George VI (1895–1952; r. 1936–52), younger son of George V, came to the throne upon the abdication of his brother Edward VIII. Queen Elizabeth II is the older daughter of George VI.

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