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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

gases increase product

Gay-Lussac, Joseph Louis (1778–1850), French chemist and physicist. He is best known for Gay-Lussac's law (1808), which states that when gases combine to give a gaseous product, the ratio of the volumes of the reacting gases to that of the product is a simple, integral one. He also showed that all gases increase in volume by the same fraction for the same increase in temperature, 1/273.2 for 33.8°F (1°C), and made 2 balloon ascents to investigate atmospheric composition and the intensity of the earth's magnetic field at altitude. His many important contributions to inorganic chemistry include the identification of cyanogen gas (1815).

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about 5 years ago

Thanks. it is really interesting to read about this great scientist. I'm fond of chemistry and lately started to read biographies of chemists. I liked life of Gay-Lussac - http://www.fampeople.com/cat-joseph-louis-gay-lussac

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about 5 years ago

Thanks for the article, do you like this famous person as I like him? I haven't read his full biography yet, just limiting myself with short but funny stories like that http://www.fampeople.com/articles-joseph-louis-gay-lussac-the-quantity-means-nothing