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Detroit (pop. 1,012,100), Michigan, fifth-largest city in the United States, often called the “Motor City” because it produces over a quarter of all the nation's cars and trucks. Detroit fronts on the Detroit River, which connects Lake Erie with Lake St. Clair. A bridge and 2 tunnels link Detroit with Windsor, Ontario. Almost since its founding (1701) Detroit has been a major lake port, and with the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway (opened 1959) it has become an intercontinental port of considerable importance. The city sprawls over 140 sq mi (363 sq km), with the principal streets radiating from Grand Circus Park near the riverfront. The rapidly growing suburbs to the north and west contain many of the automobile factories that have made the city's fortune, as well as some of the most handsome residential areas in the country.

See also: Michigan.

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