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Cryotron, miniature switch used in computers, consisting of a short wire around which is wound a fine control coil, kept at the temperature of liquid helium so that the wire and coil are superconducting. A signal in the coil produces a magnetic field that causes the wire to lose its superconductivity and become resistant to electric current. This action stores or produces a “bit” of information. Cryotron computers may contain 100 billion components to the cubic inch, and can obtain a required bit of information from a store of 300,000 in less than a 10-millionth of a second.

See also: Superconductivity.

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over 5 years ago

Cryotron used in computers need to be cooled to liquid helium. Then how can it be used for practical applications which mostly involve room temperature? where cryotron computers are actually used?