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capital country republic czechoslovakia

Slovakia, or Slovak Republic, independent country in central Europe, bordered on the north by Poland, on the east by Ukraine, on the west by Austria, and on the northwest by the Czech republic. The capital is Bratislava.

Land and climate

Slovakia is mostly mountainous, but the heights slope down to plains and the Danube River in the south and southwest. The climate is continental with warm summers and cold winters.


The population consists mainly of Slovaks (68%), minorities are Hungarians (11%) and gypsies. The official language is Slovak. About 60% of the population is Roman Catholic.


Slovakia has rich farmlands and mineral deposits; shipbuilding and metal processing are leading industries. The capital is a prominent Danube port.


Slovakia was principally under Hungarian rule from the early 10th century to 1918. Slovakia then became part of Czechoslovakia until its independence in 1993. In 1997 Slovakia tightened its ties with Russia. For the moment, it can not join NATO or the EU, due to a lack of democratic relations within the country.

See also: Czechoslovakia.


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