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Patric Thomas Dickinson Biography

(1914–94), The Seven Days of Jericho, The Sailing Race, The World I see, A Wintering Tree

British poet, born in Nasirabad, India, educated at St Catharine's College, Cambridge. After working as a school-teacher he became a producer with the BBC and then a freelance writer and broadcaster. His first collection of poetry, The Seven Days of Jericho, appeared in 1948. Numerous succeeding volumes include The Sailing Race (1952), The World I see (1960), A Wintering Tree (1973), and A Rift in Time (1982). His poetry was characterized by its concise, conservatively innovative verse forms and by its unusual balance between a recurring note of tender intimacy and a sometimes sardonic, distancing wit. Although Dickinson's work frequently drew on classical sources, it remained firmly grounded in details of local and domestic experience. Notable among his translations are The Complete Plays of Aristophanes (2 volumes, 1971) and a version of The Aeneid (1961). He also worked extensively as a playwright for radio and stage; his published plays include Theseus and the Minotaur (1945) and A Durable Fire (1962). His autobiography entitled The Good Minute appeared in 1965.

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