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Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson Biography

(1862–1932), The Greek View of Life, The Meaning of Good, Justice and Liberty

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British philosophical writer, born in London, educated at King's College, Cambridge, of which he was a fellow from 1887 onward. Among his early works is The Greek View of Life (1896), an introduction to classical Greek culture. There followed a series of ethical treatises using the form of the Socratic dialogues; these include The Meaning of Good (1901) and Justice and Liberty (1908). He was instrumental in formulating the League of Nations; the most notable of his several studies of the causes of the First World War is The International Anarchy, 1904–1914 (1926). His numerous other publications include After Two Thousand Years: A Dialogue between Plato and a Modern Young Man (1930). Dennis Proctor edited The Autobiography of G. Lowes Dickinson (1973), written in 1927 but withheld from publication because of its disclosures concerning his homosexuality. E. M. Forster's biography of Dickinson appeared in 1934.

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