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Bogarde, Dirk

(British, 1921–99)

Born in Hampstead, London, from the late

1940s Bogarde was one of the most distinguished film actors of his day. His novels often spring from events in his life. Begin with A Gentle Occupation (1980), which draws on his military experiences of political upheaval in South-east Asia at the end of the Second World War. The book displays his stylish accessibility, vivid descriptive qualities, and strengths of characterization and dialogue. His other work includes Jericho (1992), set amid a colony of English expatriates in the south of France. The book offers a detached treatment of the theme of homosexuality, which recurs in Bogarde's fiction. Closing Ranks (1997) deals with the decline of an aristocratic family facing revelations of treachery and injustice in its past. Bogarde is also well known for his autobiographies, among which are An Orderly Man (1983) and A Short Walk from Harrods (1993).

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