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Bolger, Dermot

emily shoes irish fresh

(Irish, 1959– )

One of Ireland's best-known poets and founder of the Raven Arts Press, Bolger is also a prize-winning novelist. His debut, Night Shift (1985), is the portrait of a young marriage in a fresh new country, set against the background of Dublin factory work. This is an abrupt comedy of manners, where memories are fresh and opportunites are true but few. It contrasts with Emily's Shoes (1992), which mixes elements of harrowing psychological portrait and hilarious pantomime, featuring cross-dressing and the troubles which afflict contemporary Irish Catholicism. Sympathetic and eloquent, Emily's Shoes is a brave and radical statement, a lyrical and sexy volume. Bolger is also a very successful playwright.

John Banville, Roddy Doyle,

Patrick McCabe  AM

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