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Directions: Use a pencil to fill in the circle that has the same letter as the answer you have chosen.

1. Australia is often called the “Land Down Under” because it is in the

Ⓐ Northern Hemisphere.

Ⓑ Southern Hemisphere.

Ⓒ Western Hemisphere.

Ⓓ Eastern Hemisphere.

2. What geographical feature explains why animals in Australia are not found in any other parts of the world?

Ⓐ volcanoes

Ⓑ mountains

Ⓒ oceans

Ⓓ rivers

3. About 1,000 years ago, which group settled New Zealand?

Ⓐ Aborigines

Ⓑ Australians

Ⓒ Africans

Ⓓ Maoris

Use the map below and your knowledge of geography to answer questions 4-6.

4. To which island group do the Hawaiian Islands belong?

Ⓐ Micronesia

Ⓑ Melanesia

Ⓒ Australia

Ⓓ Polynesia

5. Imagine you are sailing from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea. In which direction will you go?

Ⓐ northwest

Ⓑ northeast

Ⓒ southwest

Ⓓ southeast

6. How many states are there in Australia?


Ⓑ 9

Ⓒ 6

Ⓓ 4

Australia portrait Political Map of Australia

For questions 7-10, use the lines below each question to write your answers.

7. List one way that the landforms and climate of New Zealand and Australia are the same. List one way they are different.



8. Why do you think the government of New Zealand guarantees the Maoris a certain number of seats in parliament?

9. Explain how the heat and steam from geysers and volcanoes meet the energy needs of people living in New Zealand.

10. Write three or four sentences that compare how you learn at school with how some farm children in isolated areas of New Zealand and Australia go to school.

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