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Directions: Use a pencil to fill in the circle that has the same letter as the answer you have chosen.

1. A peninsula is best defined as

Ⓐ land that has lakes and mountains.

Ⓑ an island surrounded by water.

Ⓒ land that has water on three sides.

Ⓓ rich, fertile land used for farming.

2. Standard of living refers to

Ⓐ a measure of quality of life.

Ⓑ where most people live.

Ⓒ the culture of a people.

Ⓓ people who want their own nation.

3. Much of Northern Europe has a mild climate. Which of the following causes this mild climate?

Ⓐ the Alpine Mountain System

Ⓑ the Norwegian Sea

Ⓒ the Baltic Sea

Ⓓ the North Atlantic Current

4. What imaginary line divides the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere?

the equator

Ⓑ the prime meridian

the Tropic of Cancer

the North European Plain

5. In the 1990s, ethnic tensions divided which of the following countries?

Ⓐ Denmark

Ⓑ Yugoslavia

Ⓒ France

Ⓓ United Kingdom

6. The goal of the European Union is to

Ⓐ increase trade and raise the standard of living.

Ⓑ have the United States join the European Union.

Ⓒ limit trade to European Union members only.

Ⓓ lower food and energy prices.

7. What mountains divide Europe from Asia?

Ⓐ Ural Mountains

Ⓑ Pyrenees

Ⓒ Alps

Ⓓ Caucasus Mountains

Use the map on page 71 and your knowledge of geography to answer questions 8-17. Place the correct map letter next to each place listed below the map.

8. Italy _________

9. Norway _________

10. Iceland _________

11. Sweden_________

12. United Kingdom _________

13. Mediterranean Sea _________

14. France _________

15. Spain _________

16. Russia_________

17. North Sea _________

Europe portrait For questions 18-20, use the lines below the questions to write your answers.

18. How did Europe's many mountain ranges affect the continent's development?



19. The North of Italy is much more developed that the South. Explain why there is a difference between the two regions. Use at least two facts to support your answer.



20. Italian history can be divided into three periods. Write a sentence that describes each period.

a. Ancient Rome__________________________________________________________________

b. the Renaissance_________________________________________________________________

c. a Unified Italy (came together)_____________________________________________________

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