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What Is The Geography of Europe and Russia? - What Is the Climate Like?, How Is the Land in Europe Used?

Europe is really one big peninsula attached to Asia. A peninsula is land that has water on three sides. Look at the map. You?ll see that Europe breaks into smaller peninsulas. Notice that many bodies of water wash along Europe?s coast. These seas provide food. They also make trade possible with other countries. Many mountain ranges stretch across Europe. The Alps are Europe?s highest mountain…

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How Has History Affected the People of Western Europe? - Who Are the People of Western Europe?, What Is Western Europe Like Today?

The laws and governments in Europe came from ancient Greece and Rome. Democracy (dih-mahk-ruh-see) began in Greece. In a democracy, the people rule themselves. In 771, Charlemagne (shahr-luh-mayn) of France became an important king in Europe. He ruled an area called the Holy Roman Empire. After his death, the empire broke down into smaller kingdoms. These kingdoms became the modern countries of Ge…

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How Has History Affected the People of Eastern Europe Russia? - Who Are the People of Eastern Europe?, What Is Eastern Europe Like Today?

Poland and the Baltic Republics. Study the map. Look for the countries around the Baltic Sea. You will see Poland. Now find Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. They make up the Baltic Republics. This area was settled in ancient times. Many different ethnic groups lived here. Ethnic groups are people who share the same or similar language. They also share a common culture, religion, and history. For ex…

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Looking At ITALY - Where in the World Is Italy?, What Is the Geography of Italy?

Benvenuti in Italia! Welcome to Italy! Italy is on the continent of Europe. It is located in southern Europe. Italy is easy to see on the map. Just look for the boot sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Sicily is at the toe of the boot. The island of Sardinia is west of Italy. Sicily and Sardinia are also part of Italy. Italy is 116,300 square miles (301,217 sq km). It?s a b…

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Directions: Use a pencil to fill in the circle that has the same letter as the answer you have chosen. 1. A peninsula is best defined as Ⓐ land that has lakes and mountains. Ⓑ an island surrounded by water. Ⓒ land that has water on three sides. Ⓓ rich, fertile land used for farming. 2. Standard of living refers to Ⓐ a measure of quality of life. Ⓑ where …

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Where Is The Eastern Hemisphere? - Where Does the West End and the East Begin?, Comparing Graphs, What Is Culture?

The largest landmasses of the earth are called continents. A continent is a large landmass that is part of the earth?s crust. The earth has seven continents. They are Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica. The map above shows the seven continents and the five oceans of the world. The prime meridian (0? longitude) divides the hemispheres. The land west o…

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