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Home Insurance San Diego

What To Know About San Diego Home Insurance

Homeowners in San Diego spend over $700 annually on home insurance, and unfortunately, many overpay by simply buying the first insurance policy that they can find. Limiting the cost of your San Diego home insurance is very simple with the right approach.

The first important step is to decide on coverage amounts for your home. You can talk to your homeowner’s insurance agent to get a recommendation, but realize that it’s in the agent’s best interest to recommend more home insurance than you actually need. In San Diego, home insurance policies should include such add-on coverages as earthquake insurance (coverage should be in excess to the value of the house) and identity theft protection, which isn’t excessively expensive but provides a lot of protection. You should generally buy enough coverage to allow you to rebuild your house and purchase new furniture and personal belongings in the event of a complete disaster such as a fire. Carefully read your policy. Many San Diego home insurance companies don’t automatically offer important coverages like luxury jewel coverage, and you’ll want to make sure that you know what you’re paying for.

After you decide on a coverage amount, you will need to gather quotes from several San Diego home insurance companies. You can usually do this online at insurance companies’ websites. When it comes to home insurance, San Diego residents can greatly decrease their costs by doing some simple comparison shopping, but be sure to actively negotiate with insurance companies after getting a few quotes. Keep paper copies of every quote, and be prepared to email or fax these quotes to several companies. Getting the best deal possible will involve discussing and negotiating for lower premiums, but don’t sacrifice the coverage that you need for the sake of lower costs.

Be sure to look at the terms listed in each contract, and call an insurance agent if there are any terms that you don’t understand. Have them clearly explained to you. You’ll want to know about any exclusions that could prevent a payout, and any confusing language can drastically change the value of your San Diego home insurance policy.

Once you’ve bought a policy, keep it up to date. If you make any major renovations to your home, or if you rent any rooms, you’ll need to notify your insurance company. You may also need to modify your coverage to reflect the changes. Regularly reassess your home insurance policy at least once a year to make sure that you’re buying enough coverage and paying an appropriate premium. If your homeowner’s insurance premium ever changes unexpectedly, it’s a good idea to call your insurance company and find out why. San Diego home insurance companies must follow state and local insurance law to operate, and if they’ve illegally changed your premiums, you can file a complaint with the state of California’s insurance commission. Learn everything that you can about your San Diego home insurance policy, and you’ll end up with a very secure, reasonably priced policy.

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