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Aaa Las Vegas

AAA Las Vegas: A Full Array of Auto Club Services

AAA has almost 70 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each office offers the same assortment of travel services and insurance. In Las Vegas there are a number of offices, enough to serve the different sections of the city. Members have on the road service with no charge, travelers insurance, and can take care of auto licensing and such matters with the Department of Motor Vehicles via the AAA office. For travel services, the AAA offers the famous Trip Tik map book and tour books that contain all the attractions along the route the member-traveler is planning to take. There are also travel packages, including airline and cruise packages with special prices for members. Services provided by the Las Vegas AAA is the same as those offered by all AAA offices.

If a member needs a greater road service coverage, then the member can upgrade their program to one that covers a greater range of miles. Any member who, undertaking a driving trip, has the misfortune to get a flat tire or a broken hose on the road, can just make a call and in a short time there is help arriving. If the problem cannot be quickly fixed on the spot, then the vehicle will be towed to a repair shop free of charge as a member service. Of course, the AAA of Las Vegas recommends that a spare tire always be carried and a container of water for the radiator, and other on the road repair items, but they are there to back up Las Vegas members.

Insurance of all kinds, from vehicle insurance to boat insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance is available through the AAA of Las Vegas. Members who own collector or antique cars may insure them for the value as restored. The deductible is up to the member to decide: the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premiums. Home insurance programs offered by the AAA Las Vegas include the contents of the home as well, and offer coverage for injury to guests who may slip and fall or workers who get injured doing repairs.

The Las Vegas AAA is prompt with requests for vehicle inspections, evaluating any vehicle for the member who is trying to decide whether to buy or not. A member may request such an inspection prior to selling his car, to ensure that the potential buyer gets what he pays for. Especially helpful is the AAA Las Vegas assistance in guiding teenagers to acquire driving skills and passing their tests to secure their driving license. In addition to these services, the AAA can help international travelers get information regarding the requirements of various countries related to passports, inoculations, hazards, risks, and accommodations while abroad.

Members of AAA Las Vegas can receive complimentary tickets to many entertainment venues, or discount coupons to theme parks, hotels, and restaurants. These can add enjoyment to trips, freeing up more money for shopping and dining out. There have been possibilities for group travel packages, in which one member becomes the “tour guide” if enough people sign up for the trip, and that member receives free travel expenses. For more on this possibility, contact the Las Vegas AAA office nearest you. There is also available a wealth of information about destinations, in the many books and magazines offered at every AAA office. The friendly people at the Las Vegas AAA can steer you to the particular books that may open up the world of a destination city or attraction. Just a phone call can get you started learning so much more about where you are going, with the inside information on history, art, culture, music, and adventures of the area.

A membership in the AAA, whether in Las Vegas or anywhere there are such offices, is something you will come to value. The service is outstanding, the insurance rates competitive, and the roadside assistance a tremendous help when there is trouble en route. The Trip Tik package of road trip maps, books, and other materials are valuable sources of information as you set out on a cross-country trip or if you are just going one state over. Memberships can be individual or family in coverage, and will cover one, two, or all of your family, business, or recreational vehicles.

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