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McMurtry, Larry

dove lonesome features novels

(US, 1936– )

McMurtry has lived the majority of his life in Texas. He was born in Wichita Falls, and went on to study at Rice University, where he now teaches. It is this Texan location which McMurtry features in his novels. His most famous novel, Lonesome Dove (1985)—awarded the Pulitzer Prize for literature (1986)—has been described as a ‘novel of the mythic west’. Set in the town of Lonesome Dove, it features the antics of two rangers turned horse rustlers, Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. The main characters feature in a series of novels including Deadman's Walk (1995), which is the Lonesome Dove prequel. Here the two are arrogant young 19-year-olds. They attempt to seize Santa Fe from the Mexicans and in the ensuing action they encounter everything from natural disasters to romance.

John Steinbeck, Ken Kesey.


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