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Boxer Rebellion

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Boxer Rebellion, violent uprising in China in 1900 directed against foreigners and instigated by the secret society “Harmonious Fists” (called Boxers by the Europeans). Encouraged by the Dowager Empress Tz'u Hsi, the Boxers showed their dislike of growing European influence and commercial exploitation in China, attacking missionaries and Chinese converts to Christianity. Troops sent to protect European nationals at Peking were repulsed. The German minister in Peking was murdered and foreign legations were besieged for nearly 2 months until relieved by an international force. Boxer violence was the pretext for Russian occupation of South Manchuria. On Sept. 7, 1901, China was forced to sign the humiliating Boxer Protocol, in which it promised to pay a huge indemnity to the United States and the European powers concerned.

See also: China; Open-Door Policy.

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