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louis spain ruled france

Bourbon, powerful family that for generations ruled France, Naples and Sicily (the Two Sicilies), Parma, and Spain; named for the castle of Bourbon northwest of Moulins. Bourbons became part of the French ruling house when a Bourbon heiress married Duke Robert, Louis IX's sixth son, in 1272. In 1589 their descendant, Henry of Navarre, founded France's Bourbon dynasty as Henry IV. Bourbon rule in France was interrupted with Louis XVI's execution in 1793, was restored in 1814 under Louis XVIII, and finally ended with the deposition of Charles X in 1830. In Spain, Louis XIV's grandson came to the throne in 1700 as Philip V. In Italy, cadet branches of his family ruled Parma (1748– 1860) and Naples and Sicily (1759–1861). Bourbons ruled Spain until 1931, when Alfonso XIII abdicated. In 1947 Spain was again declared a monarchy, and in 1975 Prince Juan Carlos of Bourbon succeeded the head of state, General Franco.

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