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beetles insect soft adult

Beetle, any of the more than 250,000 species of the insect order Coleoptera. Beetles are found worldwide except in oceans and have evolved adaptations to nearly all extremes of climate and environment. Beetle eggs hatch into soft, usually wormlike, larvae known as grubs. These grow and metamorphose into pupae, which are soft but resemble adult beetles in form. Pupae often live underground while they develop into adults. Adult beetles range from 1/32 in (1 mm) to over 6.5 in (16 m) in length. Their hard, protective wing cases enclose the fragile flight wings. Beetles are generally plant eaters. Many beetles, such as weevils and leaf beetles, are serious pests to crops, eating seeds or boring into roots and stems. Ladybugs are helpful to humans, feeding on other insect pests.

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