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futurist italian movement painting

Futurism, Italian 20th-century art movement. It was based on the “Manifesto of the Futurist Painters” (1910) issued by the Italian publicist and poet F.T. Marinetti with a group of like-minded Italian artists, emphasizing speed and the dynamic forces of a mechanical age. The manifesto declared that “a roaring motor car is more beautiful than the Winged Victory of Samothrace.” It glorified war and violence and called for the destruction of all museums, libraries, and ancient monuments. This first general manifesto was followed by 2 further manifestos on futurist painting, also obsessed with the idea of universal dynamism. A typical futurist painting shows, for example, a dog with many legs to give the impression of movement. Futurist sculpture emphasizes sharp angles and jagged profiles. Futurism also exerted some influence on architecture and decorative art, particularly in the field of theatrical design. As a literary movement, futurism was never a major force.

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