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furnace war converter china

Fuzhou, also Foo-chow or Fu-chou (pop. 1,129,300), port on the Min River, capital of Fujian province, southeastern China. Occupying both an ancient walled town and a modern city, Fuzhou is an industrial center known for electronics, chemicals, lacquerware, and food processing. It was a “treaty port” following the Opium War (1839–42) and was occupied by the Japanese in World War II.

See also: China.

any impurities. In the converter type of furnace, such as the Bessemer converter, which is used for refining pig iron, air or oxygen is blown through molten metal to burn out impurities; no fuel is necessary since the “blow” itself generates heat. The electric furnace heats the charge externally and so does not contaminate the product.

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