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Funj Sultanate

badi nile

Funj Sultanate, Muslim empire that ruled the Sudan of east Africa from c.1500 to 1821. Under ‘Amarah Dunqas, who founded the capital at Sennar (1504–5), and throughout the 16th century, the Funj people, a group of uncertain origin, extended their dominion northward and over most of the area between the White Nile and the Blue Nile. They established supremacy by 1608 and reached the summit of their power c. 1650 under Badi II Abu Daqn. By 1744 they had subdued the Kordofan region and Ethiopia. The Funj dynasty declined following the reign of Badi II, chiefly because of internal conflict between the ruler and the Funj aristocracy. In 1821 the Turkish government of Egypt invaded and conquered the Funj state.

See also: Muslims.

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