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Fort Worth

texas city major oil

Fort Worth (pop. 454,400), city in northern Texas, seat of Tarrant County. Located on the Trinity River about 30 mi (48 km) west of Dallas, Fort Worth was founded in 1849 as an outpost against Native American attacks. The city became a major trading center during the cattle drives of the 1870s and was known as the place “Where the West Begins.” It was incorporated in 1873 and has a council-manager government. Fort Worth is one of the major grain-storage and flour-milling centers in the southwest. It lies in the heart of one of the most important oil-producing regions of Texas and is the headquarters of numerous oil companies. One of the biggest aircraft factories in the country, and the largest stockyards and meat-processing plants in the South, are also major elements in Fort Worth's economy. The city is the home of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Texas Christian University, and Texas Wesleyan College. Its symphony orchestra and opera association are known throughout the nation.

See also: Texas.

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