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Fluorocarbon, organic compound in which hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine atoms. Fluorocarbons are often similar to hydrocarbons, but because of the stability of the carbon-fluorine bond, they are unreactive and do not break down with heating. Fluorocarbons are used as lubricants in conditions where hydrocarbon lubricants would be attacked by chemicals or by heat. They are also used in the chemical industry as a corrosion-resistant and insulating coating. Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) is a solid fluorocarbon that is used to make artificial joints and plates for surgical implantation. Its lack of reactivity makes it safe to use in the body. It is also the basis of the coatings on nonstick frying pans and the heatshields of spacecraft. Liquid fluorocarbons such as freon are used as refrigerants.

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