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Yachts and yachting

Yachts and yachting, popular international sport and pastime of racing or cruising in yachts. Yachting developed in the early 19th century as steam began to supplant sails in commercial vessels. It became established on an organized basis with the setting up of the New York Yacht Club in 1844. In 1851 the first race for the America's Cup took place, and subsequent races for the cup played a major role in the evolution of yacht design. After World War I the trend moved away from large, expensive yachts, and popular “one-design” classes emerged, with the Bermuda rig predominating. Small-keep yachts and catboats are now raced and sailed for pleasure throughout the world. Ocean racing is also popular, and recently single-handed transatlantic and round-the-world races have attracted enormous public attention.

See also: Sailing.

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