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Sarah Woodhouse Biography

(1950– ), A Season of Mists, A Peacock's Feather, The Native Air, The Indian Widow

British historical novelist, born in Birmingham, educated at Reading University. Many of her novels are set in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Norfolk. All are distinguished by their heroines' love of place, frequently East Anglia, and vivid characterization. Amongst her novels is a trilogy comprising A Season of Mists (1984), which concerns the efforts of an heiress to put her ruined land in order; A Peacock's Feather (1988), about the impact on a small community of a rich man's arrival in the area; and The Native Air (1990). The Indian Widow (1985) deals with the return from India of a penniless and desperate heiress, to her former home. Daughter of the Sea (1986) is set in the Channel Islands in the Victorian era. Among later works are The Enchanted Ground (1993) and Meeting Lily (1994).

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