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Frank Tuohy (John Frank Tuohy) Biography

(1925– ), (John Frank Tuohy), The Animal Game, The Warm Nights of January, émigrée, The Ice Saints

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British novelist and short-story writer, born in Uckfield, Sussex, educated at King's College, Cambridge. He has lectured in Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, and Japan and his work is distinguished by his depth of knowledge of different societies. Set in Brazil, his first novel, The Animal Game (1957), gives a harrowing description of pigs imprisoned in a truck during a bitter railway strike and turning to cannibalism with vultures waiting overhead. The Warm Nights of January (1960) presents people of different nationalities united by their foreignness and focuses on the emotional life of a bohemian French émigrée, Bella Magnard, and her relationship with her Brazilian lover, Hadriano. In The Ice Saints (1964), Rose, a young snobbish English-woman, visits her sister and brother-in-law, an ambitious but undistinguished Polish academic in Biala Gora, and brings news of an inheritance to their son; the despair and corruption that follows offers a paradigm of Polish life under Gomulka. Among Tuohy's volumes of stories are The Admiral and the Nuns (1962), Fingers in the Door (1970), Live Bait (1978), and The Collected Stories (1984).

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