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Hugh Trevor-Roper (Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper) Biography

(1914–2003), (Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper), Archbishop Laud, The Last Days of Hitler

British historian, born in Glanton, Northumberland, educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was a research fellow before becoming Regius Professor of Modern History in 1957. His earlier publications include Archbishop Laud (1940), which established him as a leading historian of the seventeenth century, The Last Days of Hitler (1947), and The Gentry, 1540–1640 (1953). The Rise of Christian Europe (1965), encompassing developments from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, Princes and Artists (1976), on the Habsburgs' exercise of patronage between 1517 and 1633, and A Hidden Life (1976), a study of the reclusive Sir Edmund Backhouse (18731944), are among the works which demonstrate the unusual scope of his scholarship. His highly regarded collections of historical essays include Religion, the Reformation, and Social Change (1967), Renaissance Essays (1985), and From Counter-Revolution to Glorious Revolution (1992). He was created Baron Dacre of Glanton in 1979.

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