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Nigel Tranter Biography

(1909–2000), The Master of Gray, The Courtesan, Past Master, The Young Montrose

Scottish writer of historical novels, born in Glasgow. Tranter wrote mainly on Scottish themes; his books are rich in character and action. His trilogies include ‘The Master of Gray’ (The Master of Gray, 1961; The Courtesan, 1963; Past Master, 1965), ‘The Bruce Trilogy’ on Robert the Bruce, ‘The Stewart Trilogy’, and ‘The MacGregor Trilogy’. Other works include two novels on Montrose (The Young Montrose, 1972; Montrose, the Captain General, 1973) and many others on aspects of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Scotland, such as Warden of the Queen's March (1989) about Mary, Queen of Scots, and Children of the Mist (1992) concerning the conflicts between the Campbells and the MacGregors. Druid Sacrifice (1993) focuses on Thanea, niece of King Arthur and mother of St Mungo, and the clash between pagan traditions and early Christianity. He also wrote children's books and non-fiction works on Scottish history. Footbridge to Enchantment (1992) contains his articles, observations, and anecdotes about his home ground near Aberlady in East Lothian.

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