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Theodore Sturgeon (Theodore Hamilton Sturgeon) Biography

(1918–85), (Theodore Hamilton Sturgeon), More Than Human, Gestalt, The Dreaming Jewels, Venus Plus X, Without Sorcery

American short-story writer and novelist of fantasy and science fiction, born Edward Hamilton Waldo, in Staten Island, New York; his name was changed to Sturgeon when he was adopted in 1929. His most famous work, More Than Human (1953), is a collection of three closely linked novellas presenting a transpersonal Gestalt. His first novel, The Dreaming Jewels (1950), expressed with equal power the adolescent dream of secret omniscience. Venus Plus X (1960) integrated a utopian discourse within a pulp narrative. Sturgeon's best stories, which are highly charged, ingenious, and romantic, appeared in Without Sorcery (1948), E Pluribus Unicorn (1953), Caviar (1955), A Way Home (1955), A Touch of Strange (1958), and Beyond (1960). He influenced writers such as S. R. Delany and R. Zelazny.

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