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Luther Standing Bear (Luther Ota K'te Standing Bear) Biography

(c.1868–1939), (Luther Ota K'te Standing Bear), My People, the Sioux

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Native American writer, born in South Dakota; he was among the first students of Carlisle Indian School, established in 1879. Later he joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, touring the USA and England in 1902. After settling in California, he became a movie actor and developed an active role in Indian causes. Standing Bear is best known for his autobiographical works, My People, the Sioux (1928), and Land of the Spotted Eagle (1933), which describe Indian life from the point of view of one who witnessed the historical transition from a traditional tribal lifestyle to reservation life; both works were written with E. A. Brininstool. The latter work gives detailed descriptions of Sioux culture and is particularly critical of white America and its attitude towards Indians. Stories of the Sioux (1934) is a collection and recreation of traditional Sioux narratives, and My Indian Boyhood, by Chief Luther Standing Bear, Who Was the Boy Ota K'te (Plenty Kill) (1931) is for children.

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