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R. C. Sherriff (Robert Cedric Sherriff) Biography

(1896–1975), (Robert Cedric Sherriff), Journey's End, Badger's Green, The White Carnation

Literature Reference: American Literature, English Literature, Classics & Modern FictionEncyclopedia of Literature: Seven Against Thebes (Hepta epi Thēbas; Septem contra Thebas) to Sir Walter Scott and Scotland

British playwright, born in Kingston-on-Thames. He followed his father into a local insurance office, and wrote what became his best-known play, Journey's End (1928), to raise money for his rowing club. Though he subsequently wrote eight others, ranging from the rustic comedy Badger's Green (1930) to the moral ghost story The White Carnation (1953), none matched the success he achieved with this sensitive, unsentimental portrait of unheroic heroism as he himself had experienced it as a captain in the trenches of the First World War.

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