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Kim Stanley Robinson Biography

(1962– ), The Wild Shore, The Gold Coast, Pacific Edge, Icehenge, Escape from Kathmandu, Red Mars

American science fictionwriter, born in Waukegan, Illinois, educated at the Universities of California, San Diego, and Boston. He has been praised for a thematic trilogy of novels set in three different versions of Orange County, California: The Wild Shore (1984), set after a nuclear holocaust, subjects the pastoral utopias typical of science fiction to ironic scrutiny; The Gold Coast (1988) sees America becoming further entangled in the consequences of the military-industrial complex; and Pacific Edge (1990) guardedly envisions some small-scale utopian solutions. Icehenge (1984) is a metaphysical space opera; Escape from Kathmandu (1989) comically depicts American climbers in Nepal. The widely praised Red Mars (1992) explores in cogently realistic terms the possibilities of human survival within this solar system. Green Mars (1993) continues the sequence. Remaking History (1994) is a selection of Robinson's short stories.

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