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Poetry London

Poetry London, Poetry London—New York, Poetry London/Apple Magazine

a magazine founded in 1939 by Tambimuttu in collaboration with Anthony Dickens, Keidrych Rhys, and Dylan Thomas, and generally regarded as the most important forum for new poetry of the 1940s. Tambimuttu edited the first fifteen editions. His eclectic editorial policy, which Geoffrey Grigson viewed as an enthusiastic lack of discrimination, made Poetry London hospitable to work by a remarkable range of poets, many central to the literary history of the period; the tendency to favour poetry by writers associated with the New Apocalypse was balanced by the generous representation of material by poets having no links with the movement. Graphics by Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland, and others added to the periodical's distinction. Editions Poetry London, formed in 1943, published some seventy books and pamphlets, including works by Keith Douglas, G. S. Fraser, Henry Miller, Vladimir Nabokov, and Kathleen Raine, before it was discontinued in 1951. After Tambimuttu's departure for New York in 1947, the magazine was edited by Nicholas Moore and Richard March; it was felt, however, to lack its former vitality and ceased appearing in 1949. A five-volume reprint of the series was produced in 1971. Tambimuttu continued to use the name in his subsequent publishing ventures, which included Poetry London—New York (1953) and Poetry London/Apple Magazine (1979).

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