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Jean Plaidy, pseudonym of Eleanor Hibbert Biography

(c.1910–93), pseudonym of Eleanor Hibbert, Daughter of Anna, The Silk Vendetta, The India Fan

British historical novelist, whose other pseudonyms included Eleanor Burford, Ellalice Tate, Elbur Ford, Victoria Holt, and Philippa Carr. Her first novel (as Eleanor Burford), Daughter of Anna (1941), was followed by many others. As Victoria Holt, her later works include The Silk Vendetta (1987), The India Fan (1988), and The Captive (1990). As Philippa Carr her novels include The Pool at St Branock (1987), The Changeling (1989), and The Black Swan (1990). As Jean Plaidy, her first published work was Together They Ride (1945). Thereafter she produced numerous books, including Passage to Pontefract (1981), The Sun in Splendour (1982), Myself My Enemy (1983), Queen of the Realm (1984), Victoria Victorious (1985), The Lady in the Tower (1986), The Courts of Love (1987), In the Shadow of the Crown (1988), The Queen's Secret (1989), and The Reluctant Queen (1990). These are mostly popular and wellresearched works of historical fiction, although as Victoria Holt she also wrote Gothic romance. See also romantic fiction.

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