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T. Sturge Moore (Thomas Sturge Moore) Biography

(1870–1944), (Thomas Sturge Moore), The Vinedresser and Other Poems

British poetand illustrator, born in Hastings, Sussex, the brother of the philosopher G. E. Moore; he was privately educated. His collections of verse include The Vinedresser and Other Poems (1899), The Little School: A Posy of Rhymes (1905), The Sea Is Kind (1914), and The Unknown Land and a Dozen Odd Poems (1939). Among his highly regarded verse-dramas are Aphrodite against Artemis (1901), Marianne (1911), and Tragic Mothers: Medea, Niobe, Tyrfing (1920). He was also noted for his long narrative poems based on material from classical and Judaeo-Christian scriptural sources. The Poems of T. Sturge Moore: A Collected Edition appeared in four volumes between 1931 and 1934. Ezra Pound and W. B. Yeats admired the musical refinement and lyrical fluidity of his poetry. His ‘In Time of War’ is among the finest traditionally elegiac responses to the Great War. One of the leading illustrators of his day, he produced cover illustrations for Yeats's The Tower (1928) and The Winding Stair (1933); W. B. Yeats and T. Sturge Moore: Their Correspondence 1901–1937, edited by Ursula Bridge, appeared in 1953. Among his numerous other publications is Armour for Aphrodite (1929), a treatise on aesthetics.

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