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Margaret Millar Biography

(1915– ), The Invisible Worm, Beast in View, How Like an Angel, An Air That Kills

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American writer, born in Canada, educated at the University of Toronto. She was married to Kenneth Millar (Ross Macdonald). During the 1940s she worked as a screenwriter and wrote a number of unmemorable novels and detective stories in some of which, including The Invisible Worm (1941), the detective is Dr Paul Prye, a whimsical psychiatrist. Beast in View (1955), however, was the first of five brilliant and unusual mystery novels, of which the last, How Like an Angel (1962), in which an ex-policeman becomes involved with the True Believers, a strange Californian religious cult, is the best. The others are An Air That Kills (1957; UK title The Soft Talkers), The Listening Walls (1959), and A Stranger in My Grave (1960). Her later books are less successful. An autobiography, The Birds and the Beasts Were There, appeared in 1968.

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