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A. E. W. Mason (Alfred Edward Woodley) Biography

(1865–1948), (Alfred Edward Woodley), The Four Feathers, Fire over England, Konigsmarck, Musk and Amber

British novelist, born in Dulwich, educated at Oxford University. After failing as an actor he became a successful novelist; he was also a Member of Parliament (190610). He is best remembered as the author of The Four Feathers (1902; filmed 1939) in which the protagonist, Harry Feversham, redeems himself as a hero against accusations of cowardice by his fellow officers. He also wrote historical novels, including Fire over England (1936), filmed with Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, and Flora Robson in 1937; Konigsmarck (1938), the story of the Swedish lover of Sophie Dorothea, wife of King George I (also filmed); and Musk and Amber (1942), a tale of the world of the castrato singer in the late eighteenth century. His many other popular works include the series of novels featuring Inspector Hanaud, a French detective, which began with At the Villa Rose (1910).

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