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Frank Marcus Biography

(1928– ), The Killing of Sister George, The Formation Dancers, Mrs Mouse, Are You Within?

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British dramatist and critic, born in Breslau, Germany, educated at Bunce Court School, Kent, and St Martin's School of Art; he was an actor, director, and antiques dealer before becoming a professional writer. His most successful play remains The Killing of Sister George (1965), a warm and humorous study of a lesbian love affair between a young woman and the fading star of a radio soap opera. His other original work for the stage includes The Formation Dancers (1964), a witty comedy about adultery and pretended adultery; Mrs Mouse, Are You Within? (1968), a more darkly humorous play at whose centre is an emotionally exploited and embattled woman pregnant by a Black Power militant; and Notes on a Love Affair (1972), about a blocked writer who organizes an affair between her former lover and a dentist's assistant in order to observe their reactions. Marcus has also adapted Molnár, Hauptmann, and Schnitzler for the theatre, and was the drama critic of the Sunday Telegraph from 1968 to 1978.

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