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Thomas Hinde Biography

(1926– ), pseudonym of Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, Mr Nicholas, A Place Like Home, Ninety Double Martinis

pseudonym of Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, British novelist, born in Felixstowe, Suffolk, educated at University College, Oxford. After working as a civil servant and subsequently as an executive of the Shell Company, he became a full-time author in 1960. His numerous novels include Mr Nicholas (1952), A Place Like Home (1962), Ninety Double Martinis (1963), Generally a Virgin (1972), and Daymare (1980). His fiction is noted for the originality and inventiveness of the social realist modes through which it addresses a range of urgently contemporary themes. Among his other publications are Stately Gardens of Britain (1983), the biography Capability Brown (1986), and Tales from the Pumproom (1988), a history of Bath. Sir Henry and Sons (1980) is autobiographical.

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