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Carlo Gébler Biography

(1954?– ), The Eleventh Summer, August in July, Work and Play, Life of a Drum

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Irish novelist, born in Dublin; he moved to London with his parents, the writers Ernest Gébler and Edna O'Brien, at an early age. He graduated from the National Film School. His first novel, The Eleventh Summer (1985), like much of his work, is set in England and in Ireland; it evokes, in clear prose, the slowly changing countryside of Ireland through the childhood memories of Paul Weismann. His other novels include August in July (1986), Work and Play (1987), and Life of a Drum (1990). In Malachy and His Family (1991), he tells the story of a young boy who discovers his father's other family in America and a brother with the same name as himself. The novel is partly set in Ireland, as is a non-fictional volume about Enniskillen, The Glass Curtain: Inside an Ulster Community (1992). He is also the author of some children's fiction and a travelogue, Driving through Cuba: An East–West Journey (1988).

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