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Raymond Garlick Biography

(1926– ), Dock Leaves, The Anglo-Welsh Review, A Sense of Europe, A Sense of Time

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British poet, born in London, educated at University College of North Wales. After working as a schoolteacher in Wales, he taught in the Netherlands from 1960 to 1967, when he became a senior lecturer at Trinity College, Carmarthen. In 1949 he founded the magazine Dock Leaves, later known as The Anglo-Welsh Review, which, until its disappearance in 1988, was one of the principal forums for Anglo-Welsh poetry. His collections of poetry include A Sense of Europe (1968), A Sense of Time (1972), Incense (1976), Collected Poems 1946–1986 (1987), and Travel Notes (1992). Much of his verse espouses pan-European republicanism, the moral and ideological context in which he locates his intense personal and cultural perceptions of Wales. His best work, much of it reflecting his experiences of France and the Netherlands, combines an energetic mobility of tone and rhythm with the emotional and intellectual force of his political convictions. The best-known of his critical works is An Introduction to Anglo-Welsh Literature (1970). With R. Mathias, he edited Welsh Poetry: 1480–1990 (1993).

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