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Roger Garfitt Biography

(1944– ), Poetry Review, Caught on Blue, West of Elm, Given Ground

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British poet, born in Wiltshire, educated at Merton College, Oxford. He worked as a schoolteacher for several years before becoming a freelance writer. He was editor of Poetry Review from 1978 to 1981, and has contributed reviews and articles to most of Britain's leading literary magazines and journals. He has also been a presenter of BBC Radio 3's ‘Poetry Now’ series. He was married to the poet Frances Horovitz until her death in 1983. In addition to his inclusion in numerous anthologies he has produced such collections as Caught on Blue (1970), West of Elm (1975), and Given Ground (1989). Many of his poems are notable for their precision and immediacy in presenting incidents and images from the natural world. His work is characterized by a scrupulous quality in its rhythms and diction. His later writing displays a deepening concern with socio-cultural themes, which are treated with the accuracy and integrity for which his earlier work was acclaimed.

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