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Philip José Farmer Biography

(1918– ), Strange Relations, The Alley God, Flesh, The Lovers, Riverworld, Gods of Riverworld

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American novelist of science fiction and fantasy, born in Terre Haute, Indiana, educated at Bradley University. His short-story collections such as Strange Relations (1960) and The Alley God (1960), and novels such as Flesh (1960) or The Lovers (1961), were considered daring for their metamorphosizing excursions into the physical nature of sexuality. His later work was more varied, moving from pastiches of J. Verne and K. Vonnegut, to the sustained Riverworld series of adventures which take place on a long river where historic characters such as Mark Twain, Goering, and Jesus Christ mingle with others brought back to life; among these are Riverworld (1979) and Gods of Riverworld (1983).

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