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M. Barnard Eldershaw, pseudonym of Marjorie Barnard (1897–1987) and Flora Eldershaw Biography

(1897–1956), pseudonym of Marjorie Barnard, A House Is Built, Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Phillip of Australia

two Australian writers who worked in collaboration. Of their five novels the most successful was A House Is Built (1929), which traces the fortunes of a nineteenth-century Sydney family; the most ambitious was Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1947; unexpurgated version 1983), a satirical fantasy, set in Australia 400 years into the future. Other collaborations include Phillip of Australia (1938), The Life and Times of Captain John Piper (1939), and My Australia (1939), all historical works; But Not for Love (1989), a posthumous collection of short stories; and Essays on Australian Fiction (1938). Both women edited and published independent works. Eldershaw edited The Peaceful Army (1938), a collection of essays and poems by Australian women writers; Barnard published several more historical studies, critical essays for Meanjin and Southerly, a biography of Miles Franklin, and The Persimmon Tree (1943), a collection of short stories.

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